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Blue Saluki
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Blue Saluki is a Prior 37, designed by Alan Buchanan and built by R J Prior, Burnham on Crouch in 1964. The boat was commissioned in May 2005 after a complete restoration program at Dolphin Quay. Featured in the October 2005 issue of Classic Boat.

Now we are at Birdham, Blue Saluki has a winter berth here, then has a month in our shed for annual repainting and varnishing, which owner Charles Hurst and his wife Alyson carry out to keep the boat looking beautiful. There is always a list of smaller repairs and mods. for us to do for the boat as well, so everyone is happy!

Update 20th November 2016

'Blue Saluki' was with us this spring as usual. The four lengths of repair planking aft were necessary because of the legacy left by her original iron strap floors. Even though they were replaced with bronze (12 years ago) the effect of the electrochemical decay lingers on the mahogany planking.

We needed to remove the fuel tank to gain access so it was steam cleaned inside while out of the boat and the area underneath it repainted. The engine was also lifted off it's mountings and a repair to the timber around the inboard propeller shaft bearing house carried out (also caused by electrochemical action).

Update 5th July 2017

'Blue Saluki' is in the shed for a bit longer this year. Charles Hurst put together quite a list of improvements he would like to make, including a new windlass ( the original Simpson Lawrence model, that is now being remanufactured), new holding tank for the loo, decks and cockpit repainted, new teak breakwater either side of hatch garage to mount new spray hold on, and also seven plank repairs that will hopefully bring closure on the ongoing degradation of her planking that was a hang over from the old iron floors and fastenings, before they were all replaced with bronze in the 2002 to 2005 restoration.

Update 13th May 2018

This Spring, 2018, Blue Salukiís owner, Charles Hurst, requested that we replace four lengths of teak planking in her lower most strakes, adjacent to the mast step. This area is under the most stress when the boat is being sailed hard, and it was felt that though the original planking was not decayed as such, it had lost a lot of elasticity, because significant leaking occurred after a passage, that would gradually diminish after the boat was back on her mooring. All new fastenings were used as part of this repair. We also replaced a long section of planking in one of the port side mahogany strakes, which we believe to be the last part of the below waterline planking to be affected by the original electrochemical decay that occurred when the boat had her original iron floors, that are now replaced with bronze ones.


Update 13th July 2019

This time in the shed, Blue Saluki has had all her topsides paint coatings removed. It was felt timely to have a look at the planking again, but also because, shock horror, Charles and Alyson wanted to change the topsides colour! BS has always been that very dark flag blue, just about ever since she was built, (though Charles says she was very briefly a different blue at sometime during her life). A very light, ice blue has been chosen for the new colour, which with a much less yellow gold for the cove line, and navy blue antifouling with no boot top, the boat looks a lot different, but very lovely too!

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